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<aside> ℹ️ This area helps you to understand how our Working From Home (WFH) allowance and co-working arrangements work at Learnerbly.


🛠 What everyone gets

<aside> 📍 Based around London?

<aside> 🌍 Based somewhere else?

<aside> 🇲🇰 Based in Macedonia? Speak with Talkr directly as they take care of both space and kit


🏡 WFH Budget

The goal of this budget is to enable you to set up your home working environment to be as effective as an office space. Everyone (outside of Macedonia) has a one off £€$500 WFH allowance to spend on what you need.


👋🏾 Co-working

We take a distributed approach to working at Learnerbly.

👀 Can I work from...

🇬🇧 I’m based around London

If you live within the M25 you’re considered to be based ‘around London’

🇲🇰 I’m based in Macedonia

If you’re based in Macedonia, Talkr is your first point of contact as they take care of both kit and the co-working space in Skopje.

🌎 I’m based elsewhere (outside of London and Macedonia)

If you live outside of the M25, outside of the UK and Macedonia, you have up to £€$150 per month (excluding VAT) to expense back on a co-working pass with a provider of your choice.