<aside> 💫 TL;DR Circles are voluntary, employee-led, and People Experience-supported groups.

A Circle brings people together around their shared experience. Often it's around a trait that could part of their identity.

Circles aim to spark and drive positive change, and foster an inclusive and empowering environment.



Context / why

Employee Resource Groups aka Circles aim to create a sense of belonging by giving each group a collective voice. They are voluntary, employee-led groups whose aim is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organisations they serve.

Psychological safety and belonging are crucial to empower people to do their best work. Building a community is a key step in creating this sense of belonging.

Circles do not replace People Experience and Leadership-led Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Belonging initiatives. Circles can be owned by anyone and they are resources, not burdens — we don't expect people to be DE&I experts because they belong to a specific group.

The People Experience and Leadership Teams are here to support, guide, and facilitate company-wide initiatives. Circles is one of them 😉

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